DDT Divas: A Stunning Website Design and Development Project by bigredtechnology.com

Introduction: DDT Divas is a website that provides news, analysis, and commentary on women’s professional wrestling. The website was founded in 2017 and quickly gained popularity among wrestling fans. However, the website’s outdated design and poor user experience led to a decrease in traffic and engagement. DDT Divas approached bigredtechnology.com for a redesign of their website. In this case study, we will discuss the design and development process of the new DDT Divas website by bigredtechnology.com.

Background: DDT Divas is a website that covers women’s wrestling news, opinion pieces, interviews, and analysis. The website’s target audience is women wrestling fans, and it aims to provide a platform for women’s wrestling content creators. However, the website’s old design was not user-friendly, and it did not highlight the website’s content. Additionally, the website was not optimized for search engines, which led to low traffic and engagement.

Design Process: bigredtechnology.com began the design process by understanding the website’s goals and target audience. We analyzed the website’s content and determined the necessary features for the new design. We created wireframes and prototypes to showcase the website’s layout and user flow. We also worked with the client to select a color scheme and typography that reflects the website’s brand.

Development Process: Once the design was finalized, we began the development process. We developed the website using WordPress, a content management system that enables easy content updates and management. We ensured that the website was optimized for search engines and had a responsive design that worked on all devices. We also added necessary features such as social media integration, newsletter signup, and advertisement placement.

Results: The new DDT Divas website was launched in 2020. The website’s new design received positive feedback from the website’s audience and the wrestling community. The website’s traffic and engagement increased significantly, and the website’s bounce rate decreased. The website’s content was now highlighted, and it was easy for users to navigate the website. The website’s search engine optimization improved, resulting in higher search engine rankings and more organic traffic. The website’s social media presence also grew, and the website’s revenue increased due to increased advertisement placement.

Conclusion: bigredtechnology.com’s redesign and development of the DDT Divas website resulted in a significant increase in traffic, engagement, and revenue. The new design highlighted the website’s content, and the user experience was greatly improved. The website’s search engine optimization improved, resulting in higher search engine rankings and more organic traffic. The new design and development have enabled the website to continue to grow and serve as a platform for women’s wrestling content creators.

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